What We Can Learn From Video Games

I believe there is real depth in the expanse of video game mythology, and that ideas and concepts we learn while playing video games can then be translated into the real world around us: into our professional lives, our parenting, and even our relationships.

I know this because I believe the concepts found in many video games are based on principals.

Principles are ideas that are timeless, and they remain true, independent of context; in many cases independent of culture or even an era.

Principles have value and transferability.

Unconscious Transferable Competence could be the key to unlocking the significant potential of video games to set individuals up for success in reality.

Can success in one environment lead to success in another?

If principles and transferable skills align, who is to say what the limit might be?


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What others are saying about Mastering The Game


“This book is a great guide for those who are master gamers at home and wish to be as influential and competent at work. You’ll be amazed at how much you already know and how easy it will be to transfer critical business skills after reading Mastering The Game. At the same time, hiring managers and organizational leaders will find keen insight on the workforce of today and tomorrow!”  

Marshall Goldsmith author of the New York Times and global bestseller What Got You Here Won’t Get You There


Often times, the answers to our greatest challenges are hidden in plain sight. Jon Harrison presents an inspired look at how the most valued traits in business are already being practiced while playing video games – and makes thought provoking illustrations for how to draw out these ideas in the workplace. This book may hold the key to unlocking the significant potential of the next generation of leaders.

Mark Panciera, President of The Pacific Institute, US Operations


Jon has put into words what gamers have been telling their parents for years: videogames are good for you. He lays out how the skills & ideas our favorite videogames intrinsically teach us — overcoming obstacles, maximizing your strengths, and triumphing over your fears — can directly apply to your happiness and success.

Chris Hatala, Final Boss, Games Done Legit entertainment


In Mastering The Game, Jon Harrison shares his vision for how video games can be used to teach business and life lessons. Professionals and gamers alike will benefit from reading and applying these ideas.

Kimanzi Constable, Author of the Publishers Weekly best-selling book, Are You Living or Existing? 9 Steps to Change Your Life


Video games can teach us lessons in real life. Jon Harrison is one of the best at showing us how. Read his book.

Patrick Stafford, Professional Writer and Journalist, pdstafford.com


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